Mine Payload Solutions

Mine Payload Solutions

Using accurate data to optimise
mine asset investment.

Obtaining accurate data is just the start!

SBK Solutions takes data to the next level through a systemised approach with their Mine Optimisation Program, to utilise both experience and logic to thoroughly analyse all the payload data and develop a comprehensive suite of actions and deplorables that mine sites can use to increase performance of both dig and haul fleets.

  • Truck Volume Analysis
  • Stated Volume V's Actual Loading Analysis
  • Underloading Analysis
  • Overloading Analysis
  • Off-centre loading analysis
  • Total monthly $ Value (actual v's Potential)
  • Carry back, Hang-up analysis
  • Bulk Specific Gravity analysis (Material Density Verification)
  • Tare weight analysis (variance to OEM)
  • Tare weight distribution Analysis
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Analysis
  • Payload distribution (Axle split analysis)
  • Payload trends & Analysis
  • Tyre Load analysis
  • Overload v's bias analysis
  • Onboard Scale Verification
  • Bulk Specific Gravity Analysis
  • Full haul fleet efficiency studies
  • Productivity analysis (Current state v's Proposed)
  • Truck Body selection programs
  • Truck body replacement strategies
  • Total Cost of Ownership analysis
  • Independent Truck Body evaluation program
  • Truck Body Inspections and condition reporting
  • Truck to excavator Pass Matching Studies
  • Loaded Freeboard verification
  • Spillage v's haul road grade verification
  • Loaded (AOR) Angle of Repose Verification
  • New Truck Body V's Design Validation
  • Truck Body Selection Analysis V's Current

We can assist clients in the following ways

  • We have a team of experienced and respected business development managers who are already connected to the right customers in the right areas.
  • Finding customers can be tricky, let us take away the stress of searching!
  • We specialise in product distribution within specific regions and counties, for a variety of products and services.
  • As a company, we align through synergy businesses to offer turn-key solutions.
  • We have strong and diverse contacts within the industry.
  • Our expertise understanding of full life-cycle strategies for products, maintenance, mobile plant, and strategic account management (including tenders and JV working arrangement) means your project is in good hands. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have during the process, along with explaining industry jargon in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • We can help expand your business or products into new regions and assist in scaling up contracted resources to specific projects and locations, synergising with key businesses to achieve success.
  • As a business, we are flexible, offering “turn on, turn off” resources. We are available to discuss the scope with our clients throughout the engagement to ensure we achieve ultimate “value add”.

Volume scanning delivers extensive benefits for mines

  • Easily identify and correct underloading to increase profitability
  • Improve loader operator performance and optimise trucking factors
  • Measure actual volume, not a converted weight estimate
  • Measure and account for carryback
  • Remove discrepancies between quantities hauled and mill processing data
  • Account for every load delivered or removed from site
  • Gain a better understanding of bulking and compaction factors
  • Improve ore body knowledge with volumetric as well as mass data
  • Automatically track truck arrival and departure times
  • Eliminate hand-written load dockets and manual docket processing
  • Seamless data interface with most mine management systems
  • Proven accurate to +/- 1% (and certified for Trade in NZ and Australia
  • No significant maintenance costs or recalibration required

Tackling some of the biggest headaches in mining today!


Underloading your trucks could be costing you a fortune in lost production


Carryback can have a major impact on your mine throughput


The hidden costs of off-centre loading add to running expenses


Measure by weight alone is inaccurate and unreliable

Common Issues

Off-centre loading

Off-Centre loading can substantially increase operating costs. Uneven load distribution adds stress to truck components, reducing their working life and adding substantial costs. Can create excessive tyre wear, voiding warranties and requiring premature replacement.

“Our system-generated 3D scans providing data and valuable visual reference for training and coaching loader operators and supports accountability”.

Underloading and Overloading

Underloading requires additional truck movements to shift the same amount of material, reducing profitability. MPS helps mines to optimise loading by maximising every load, thereby increasing trucking factors and improving profits. MPS accurately measures all loads and automatically generates 3D scan images that clearly indicate underloading, enabling corrective action (including operator training and coaching) to be taken.

"We’ve seen a 10% increase in our truck factors since the Loadscan MPS system was introduced. Being able to move 10% more rock for the same cost is a huge increase in our mine efficiency". - Charlie Gawith (Underground Manager, Oceana Gold)

Carryback or Hang-up

A common problem wherever material is being shifted - can seriously impact productivity. By scanning all loads with the Loadscan MPS, carryback is accounted for - can be deducted from shift tallies, improving accuracy of actual loads shifted. Can be identified through data shown on the message board and quickly removed from the bin.

"Our system-generated 3D scans of the empty truck body providing data and valuable visual reference for of hang-up or carry back for correct actions to be put in place and body supplier accountability".

“Loadscan has been helpful to improve operational performance by managing carryback to reveal our true shift tally. We can now accurately calculate net volumes delivered for processing. Time is also saved by minimizing paperwork, there’s no manual data entry, driver records or after-shift record sorting.”
- Pavan Kaushik (Vice President, Hindustan Zinc)

Mines typically increase haulage by purchasing additional trucks. But that may not be the most cost-effective solution.

  • Trucks are expensive and consume a huge amount of valuable capital
  • Running them requires additional driver resources as well as consumables such as diesel and tyres
  • Every truck requires ongoing maintenance and servicing, adding to extraction and haulage costs

You can substantially increase capacity without the need to acquire additional trucks and their associated costs.

We’ve worked with numerous mines across the world to cost-effectively increase haulage capacity by implementing our accurate mining payload technology scanner.

"Our MPS systems have been achieving improvements of 7.5% to 25%. This could add millions of dollars to your bottom line!"

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